Gift Box: Kitchen Sunshine

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A bottle of organic Nouvelle Vague rosé or D.O.C. prosecco, organic chocolate block, anydaymade passionfruit curd and anydaymade neroli, rose and grapefruit scented candle with anydaymade graphic print matchbox. 

A delightful combination of summer flavours and aromas to bring a touch of sunshine to any home. A gorgeous seasonal gift, new home gift or little bundle 'just because'. 

Included in the box: 

1 x Nouvelle Vague grenache rosé or D.O.C. prosecco (750ml). 
1 x Neroli, rose and grapefruit scented candle (200g).
1 x anydaymade graphic print matches.
1 x Raw Halo chocolate bar (70g).
1 x anydaymade orange curd (300g).

Every 'Kitchen Sunshine' gift box is wrapped in signature anydaymade gift wrap to ensure an exceptional gifting experience.