September Birthday Gift Guide.

September is the busiest month for birthdays in the UK. Whilst a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers is always a gorgeous gift, why not opt for something a little more unique? A gift that will last longer than a week. At anydaymade, we stock a range of gifts to make every birthday even more memorable. Choose from our collection of pre-curated gift boxes or build your own for that extra personal touch!

Bottle and Blooms Gift Box

Gift Box: Tote, Wine and Flowers.

Because nothing says: ‘let’s celebrate!’ more than a bag full of wine and flowers. Featuring our signature rainbow gingham tote bag, a bouquet of colour-popping dried flowers and a 750ml bottle of wine. Choose from a crisp Rose, rich Malbec, or chic Prosecco.

This hamper includes:

1 x Rainbow gingham tote bag.

1 x A full-sized or mini bouquet of dried wildflowers.

1 x 750ml bottle of wine. Choose from  a crisp and clean Provence rose, a rich and ripe Argentinian Malbec or a classically chic Italian Prosecco.


Twisted Beeswax Candles.

Our signature beeswax candles are handmade by a UK artisan. Beeswax burns hotter and brighter than other candle materials, creating a wonderfully warm glow that fills every corner of the house. Choose from pistachio green, dusk lilac, blush pink or linen white.

A Floral Moment Gift Box

A Floral Moment Gift Box.

The anydaymade A Floral Moment gift box is our alternative to sending fresh flowers in the post. Featuring a gorgeous decorative glass vase, a mini bunch of dried wildflowers and a bar of delicious Ocelot organic chocolate.

Included in the box:

Prosecco ‘Perla Delicata’ DOC.

No birthday is complete without a bottle of something sparkling. Our Perla Delicata is a delicate and fine Italian wine with well-balanced notes of nectarine, peach, and apple flavours. Perfect on its own or mixed with flavoured syrups or liqueurs.

Pair with our tropical or blackcurrant syrup to create the happiest birthday gift set.

A Candlelit Moment Gift Box

A ‘Candlelit Moment’ Gift Box.

Enjoy a bar of indulgent chocolate next to the warm glow of our twisted beeswax candles with our ‘A Candle Moment’ gift box. Featuring a pair of handmade candles, a bar of artisan chocolate and a beautiful bundle of wildflowers. Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Included in the box:

1 x Pair of Twisted Beeswax Candles (Choice of Colour).

1 x Artisan Chocolate Bar by Ocelot. (Choose from either Femme Milk ChocolateBlack Cherry, or Dark Sea Salt).

1 x Sprig of Dried Wildflowers.


Passionfruit Curd.

Extra creamy in texture and super vibrant in taste, our ADM passionfruit curd is a cult classic.  Delicious on pastries, cakes or just your ‘sliced white’ with a cup of builders. The perfect gift to brighten someone’s day.

Pamper Hamper Gift Box

Duvet Day: Pamper Hamper.

Encourage some birthday self-care with our Duvet Day pamper hamper. Includes a pair of handpoured twisted candles, blush satin eyemask, relaxation baths salts and a choice of artisanal chocolate or cookies.

Included in the gift box:

1 x Pair of handpoured, twisted beeswax candles. Choose from Blush, Pistachio, Dusk or Linen.
1 x Satin pink eyemask.
1 x Lavender and chamomile Epsom bath salts (230g).
1 x Bar of speciality chocolate. Choose from Femme, Dark Sea Salt or Black Cherry. OR White Chocolate and Gogi Berry Cookies. 


Millie Rothera Design Pouch.

Brighten up their dressing table with a Millie Rothera design pouch. Designed, printed, and sewn by Yorkshire artist, Millie Rothera. Ideal for makeup, jewellery, or stationery.

Gorgeous as a stand-alone item or combined with any of our individual products to build your own anydaymade gift box.

Hungry For Everything Food Hamper

Hungry for Everything.

Make the birthday celebrations last longer than a day with our Hungry for Everything food hamper. Brimming with foodie treats produced by small-batch artisans from in and around the UK.  This gift box is the perfect balance of goodies to please everyone's taste buds. Drinks, sweets, savoury as well as larder goods to last you longer than a day (if you can resist!), Hungry for Everything is as good as it sounds. 

Included in the gift box:

1 x Snowdonia Black Bomber Cheese. 
1 x Miller's Elements Ale Crackers
1 x Anydayblend Coffee (250g). 
1 x Passionfruit Curd (300g). 
1 x Fig and Port Chutney (300g) 
1 x Fruit Syrup (260g). Choose from Tropical or Blackcurrant. 
1 x DOC Perla Delicata Prosecco (750ml). 


An exceptional organic dark milk chocolate made from rare Amelonado cocoa beans grown by a pioneering women’s cooperative in Eastern Congo. Produced by Ocelot chocolate, a micro-factory based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Wine and Flowers Gift Box

Bottle and Blooms.

Our flowers and wine gift box captures both style and sentiment in equal measure. Includes a bunch of dried wildflowers and your choice of artisanal wine.

- 1 x Full sized bouquet of dried wild flowers, arranged and hand tied by us.

- 1 x 750ml bottle of wine. Choose from a full-bodied Malbec, a sophisticated Provencal Rosé or a classically elegant Italian Prosecco.


Celebrate every birthday in style with an anydaymade gift. Choose from our selection of pre-curated gift boxes or build your own at